Proud of my momma, proud of my profession

There's a new angel in the Perlas family! Ate Jean, Bry's sister-in-law delivered a healthy baby girl last March 9 this year, whom we now call Teja Faye. (pronounced as Thea) And it's also my mom's birthday!!! They were able to document it. And Kuya Badik, the new proud dad and Bry's older brother even cut the cord!

Here's Thea at 13 days. Oh, just adorable!!

Well anyway, Nadine went to U.S yesterday. She'll stay there for less than 2 weeks only coz she has her summer classes. She showed the video to Bryan that is saved in her laptop. Bryan, eating while watching was dumbfounded and lost his appetite. When we talked on skype, the first thing he told me was, "Honey, when we get married, I promise we'll only have one kid." Puzzled, I asked why..He told me about about the video and reflected. He has so much respect for women now, especially mothers. He saw the pain, especially when they did fundal pressure. (Fundal pressure is when someone on the health care team, a doctor, midwife or a nurse presses on a woman's abdomen to help move the baby out. But this procedure should be avoided because it may cause tear in the anal muscles, which may lead to bowel incontinence.) And I'm telling you, I've seen a loooot of this. Have you ever experienced being hit through an elbow? Painful right? Now, make that 3, 5 or even 10 times painful. With additional contractions plus episiotomy (if necessary). Episiotomy is a cut made through the vaginal muscles to make a larger space for delivery. And yes, we'll be using surgical scissors darling.

I saw this video on youtube. There's no fundal pressure nor episiotomy. When I first saw an actual delivery, I was touched, I was happy. I didn't mind the nauseating smell inside the d.r.
I appreciated the beauty of life. I saw God's greatness. I loved my mom even more. And I knew right then and there that nursing will be my vocation, my passion and my life.

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