Somewhere out there, beneath the pale moonlight

Twelve years ago I became a huge huge fan of these bands--The Moffatts and Hanson. And I have to say, my world revolved around them! haha..My life then was only school, home, MTV and novels. Since I went to an exclusive school for girls, I had no crush which by the way is a good thing. So there, my focused were on Taylor Hanson, who's by the way now happily married and Dave Moffatt (who's now working on his single album and a proud gay.. =( Why Dave?!?!?) and part of Clint and Bob. Ok, so I liked the triplets. hehe
During weekends, our stereo was full blast with songs of these bands while I sing and dance (when no one's around) and day dream that one day we'll meet and.....I'll stop there, you know how it goes. It's a teeny-booper thing!!..LOL..At least I'm normal.

The reason why I liked Dave so much was because he was the one who technically started the group. When he was three, his parents took him for their rehearsals. Yes, his parents sing too! While on break, little Dave grabbed the mike and sang Somewhere Out There of the movie American Tail which by the way is also one of my favorite songs. Everyone was amazed and let him sang on the real show. I was so fascinated! It's so cute, like the mouse on the animated movie.

And after 12 long years, I finally saw the clip! It really pays off when you search harder. Just when I thought "I'll be there for you" and "Miss you like crazy" always make my day, I was wrong. This video was their best!!! And Ohmigosh!!! Dave was so cute and also his brothers. I cried again. You all now know I'm a cry baby. I want to have an adorable son like him. I want to pinch and kiss and hug this little boy. It made me laugh when Scott tried to tap his identical brothers to sing and when Dave whispered to Scott to bow..haha!! The twins looked so shy, but still cute!!
How I wish I had a video when I was this age.

Click here to watch. The embed is protected so I can't post it here.

2 pregnancies=4 babies..hehehe
And here's the mice's version:

And when the night wind starts to sing a lonesome lullaby, it helps to think that Bryan and I are sleeping underneath the same big sky. Night everyone!! Night honey!

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