Congratulations Batch 2009!!

It was our first year to attend the graduation of the level four students. And as one of my friends said, it keeps memories coming back. It was four years ago when we were on the same spot. Gosh! 4 years ago?!? And now, we're the ones listening to their speeches, wishing'em all to have a successful career. But before that, they have to pass the board exam first. So batch 2009, let's have 100% this June!!

At last, I didn't have to wear my white gala uniform!!

Here we are, the batch 2005!!! Now all certified clinical instructors.

After the ceremony, the whole faculty went to Azul at MOA to have a sumptous meal. It's a Filipino-Spanish Restaurant. The food was okay, typical lutong-bahay dishes. My favorite was the chicken curry. I was so hungry, I had my second plate! Ooops, don't have much photos. I forgot to bring a cam!

Here's my own graduation 4 years ago, same venue at the PICC with the love of my life, Bryan.

And here's Bryan's graduation too. Faculty of Pharmacy, same spot, same year, just a different date.

And two to three years from now, I swear I'll have my graduation at the Graduate School!!! Hmmm, at least I have a goal.

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