Confessions of a sooner Bride

I'm a fan of beautiful weddings! My dream wedding is to have it in an old cathedral while wearing my ala Scarlett O'Hara gown with lots of guests cheering for me and my dazzling husband on his prince-charming-suit. Then have a party on a grand ballroom after. Well, that was when I was a little girl. Now, most of it has entirely changed. I want it to be truly intimate. Filipino weddings usually are big, counting 200 guests up but still considers it "intimate". I want a real intimate wedding! Maybe around 50 guests including our immediate families and closest closest friends. But of course, I still want other beautiful details. I want a themed wedding and I'll stick with our vintage-autumn theme. The colors of autumn and the glamour of vintage era truly fascinate me. I don't mind if we splurge on videos and photos. After all, these would be the only memories we'll have.

I have a lot of rants and brags to share. Planning a wedding is stressful, in a good way. But there are some force majeurs, it's just out of your control. Let's start off with the number of guests. A lot of people reacted when I said we only want 100 guests. Here are some reactions:

Person 1: Why?!?!?! (as in a big question mark on the face)
Person 2: Duh, make it 200-300!! (I should have answered, "Duh, are you the one getting married?!?!)
Person 3: You won't pull it off, you both have big families!
Person 4: No words, just a pure disgust on his/her face.

This is the reason why I love American and European weddings. They're straight to the point. Very few guests but the solemnity and happiness is always there.

Honestly, I'm anticipating dilemmas with this. Like relatives and other friends disappointed for being uninvited. But hey, let's face it. We can't accomodate everyone. Getting married nowadays requires a helluva moola of chunk.

Another concern. The expenses.
As much as possible, Bryan and I want to shoulder all the expenses. After all, what's the point of being married if you'll leave everything to your parents? We'll also have the freedom and control to do what we want because it's from our own pockets. Our own sweat! We consider it as our first investment.

Next--My gown!!!
You really can't please everyone. When I happily told these people of what my gown would look like, some weren't convinced. I don't want a veil, a long train and a shiny white gown with lots of beads. I know what I want. And I won't wear something ridiculous!

Bry's suit...
If I were to decide, I think Bryan would look really good on a white suit. But he said he can't pull it off. So okay, I'll shut my mouth. heehee

The ceremony....
I know, the Catholic Church only allows wedding in churches. If I have a choice, I would want to hold it outside where I can see the beauty of nature. Count Balai-Taal! In our case, the Lakeshore is perfect! It's a dream to be married under the blue sky while the wind blows, the birds chirp and the sun bows. It feels like everything and everyone's rejoicing while pronouncing your vows to each other. And truly, you'll feel God's blessing!

The dress code!!
We're going to be very very specific with this and everyone should comply! We'll never write "Formal Attire" on our invitations! Polo shirts+jeans and casual dresses/denim skirts and blouse+havaianas maybe formal to others right?

RSVP + reserved seats
This is a common problem and it makes my aortic and pulmonic areas bounding and palpable, literally! Is it hard to call or text the number written on the invitation if you're coming or not? Or why do some people tagged their friends, boyfriends/girlfriends etc along when it's written "We have reserved 1 seat for you"?

Marriage Documents
Bryan will be coming home just a week before the wedding. But we'll have all the documents done. If it's God's will, it will happen....

and here some of my favorite photos of intimate weddings. much thanks to this site. It's heaven sent!

pretty much the same at the Lakeshore right?!? I so love it!!!!
hmmmmm, that's it for now, I just have to share it or I'll explode.

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  1. oooooooh... beautiful place!
    i know i dont know u, but im excited for ur wedding as well!


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