Ambush on a Saturday at Friday's

Sometimes, things unplanned are more fun. Yesterday, when I woke up--around 10am, I got a text message from Bespren..Bespren!! That's what we call each other..Katreen is my best friend since high school and she never left Pampanga since h.s graduation.heheh..Anyway, she's going to take up her review classes for the CPA board exam this October. So she went to Manila, together with her classmate to reserve the review dates. Luckily, the review center is just around Sampaloc. Well, most review centers are found there--around Espana, just around UST--with huge huge billboards.
Good thing classes are over, so I was able to meet her..Yey!! Coz I used to work on Saturdays.

We went to MOA afterwards.....we're kinda jinxed on the transportations...The sun's heat is scourging..But we made it anyway..

Here's me and bespren....with my umbrella of course!!!

Bim and Ren applied at Fitnesse First...I admit, they've gained some pounds for the past months!!!! But they are motivated now---they should be!!! The price is not cheap!!!!

here they are!!

Then we got hungry!!!!!!

And went for Friday's.....

Bim ordered Buffalo wings

and she's disappointed when it arrived....hahahaha..we rather call it chick's wings

another appetizer...finger something...the dip is delicious!!!!!

They swear this is going to be their last glutton meal.

Then the 5 of us got Friday's cheese huge!!!!!!!! Bespren and I weren't able to finish it..and wished we just ordered for 1...Bespren's burger was a little bit over cooked, tasted bitter but still can't resist!!! It's yummy!!!

....the ketchup was almost full minutes before was murdered after!! hahaha

Then off we go!!!!!!

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