Something Special--by Bryan

Eversince I've known Beng, I knew there's something special about her, about us. When we started seeing each other, I was thinking "ano kayang magiging problema namin nito?parang sobrang bait e." Then I knew it. We are in a long distance relationship. Two days after she answered her sweet YES, she went home in Pampanga for 2 months.(of course, it was our summer vacation then)

Few months after we became professionals, I was petitioned and needed to go to the U.S. That was a lot harder since we're not only "NLEX" but continents apart. I need to cross the Pacific Ocean to see her.

Other people thought it's hard to survive something like this, but we did. It actually runs in the family. My parents and hers too were in the same situation in the 80's. And again, few days from now, I'll fly again, this time with set goals. We cried, we struggled but with a consolation of maturation, patience and deeper love for each other. We're really blessed to have a special relationship, a special love--to live for.

This is Beng's gift to me 2 years ago before my second departure. When I look at these, I always remember her words and keep motivated "Hon, I only see my future with you."

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