I'll have a general cleaning in my room, maybe next week? Arrghhh!! It's been five months since I started a new job and still overwhelm with it. Since I'm quite busy now, I'm neglecting some things. Darnit!! I even forget to pluck my eyebrows. Anyway, part of general cleaning is also to clear my desktop. And while browsing, I saw these neglected photos, which made me smile and shed some tears--happy tears. This photo was taken when honey returned to the U.S last year..I asked him to meet my kafatid, Iris since San Diego is just one to hours away from Woodland Hills. Iris was still lonely here, so she was so happy when they met. My kafatid is the youngest in her family. Back here in the Philippines, she was so pampered!! I even remembered teasing her how soft her hands were. But now, it's a different thing. She's on her own in the U.S, practicing her independence..I hate it when people comment how she enjoys her "vacation" there. For goodness sake!! If she's having a grand vacation, she won't be crying every night! If they only knew... I like looking at this photo, but it would be much better if we're three in this pic. And according to Iris, seeing Bryan was like seeing me also. Oh, but it's not a sad ending...

Iris now has her Maynard!!

And soon, it's not only Iris and Bryan in the picture....

It's not even the 3 of us.......

but all of us 4!!!!

I miss you kafatid!! I'm proud of you!! We'll see each other soon.

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