A looooooooooooonnnnggg day

I'm off today!!! Yey!!! But I've got some errands and work to do.

1. Meet Johnny "John" Santos of JJS Enterprises
2. Study for Biostatistics (it's our finals!!!)
3. Encode grades...I'm a collator for section 8 level 2!!
4. Banking errands

We finally booked JJS for our wedding music. Yey!! We got an acoustic quartet and a male and female singers. But I'm thinking of adding a pianist, what do you think?!hmmmm..We met John Santos at Starbucks Podium at 12:30. He's a very nice guy, I like him. He even gave me a c.d sampler of their work including of course the grandest wedding of 2006, Claudine-Raymart nuptials. Gee, but I forgot to take a picture of us. tsktsk..me bad...

Anyway, after the meeting, my cousin Ren and I were starving......And we found PINOYDON--if I remember it right.heehee
It's a fusion of Pinoy and Japanese food. Nice concept!!

I got bangus belly with tempura sauce.

Ren ordered pinoykatsu.

And here we are

We just love food!! Who doesn't?!? After lunch, we went for window shopping. After some minutes, I craved for Starbucks' cinnamon swirl. Ren got a frap.

Okay, enough for food indulgence..Back to reality--I still have my Biostat class and it's our finals!! I've always loved numbers, but not this one!!!! Arrrrggghhh!!! Save me, anyone?!?!

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