Laxative Teas

It's been a hefty week of unhealthy, fatty foods for me!! Ack!! I've eaten burgers plenty of times plus fries and a helluva meals of fried food!!! So since I'm getting dizzy with it, or maybe it's a placebo effect, I make it a point to cleanse my bowel during the weekend. Ooops, sorry for the yucky part..I'm taking Biguerlai tea, as endorsed lately by Toni Gonzaga..It tastes gross!! Or it's just that I'm not a tea lover..I don't finish the whole cup, just some sips, then the next day..Boom!! I have an intimate date with mr. bowl..teehee
Just a tip...If ever you'll take this, make sure you're at home or at any place convenient for a bathroom..And have some tissues too!!!

Yes, Biguerlai is a laxative. It's mainly used for constipation. But there are some who are abusive of this, plus syrups of ipecac and a series of purging, mostly anorexic .Oh, and according to a book I read, taking too much of this is already a form of anorexia.

Anorexia is an eating disorder. Anorexics have this intense fear of gaining weight or becoming fat though they are actually underweight!! See Karen Carpenter or our very own Snooky Serna who battled with this disorder. Although some find it a shallow issue, this calls for an urgent attention.

Here's Karen Carpenter during her battle with Anorexia

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  1. Never did I drink this again after the first time I did. it was the first day of school, and I had to ask my classmates to use their bathrooms. 4 times I did that day. And I felt dehydrated after.


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