Futuristic Costume

To those who can relate..This is the whole story...(don't really want to post this, but for frivolity's sake, here it is..the mockery out of me...)

Yesterday at the college was like a rest day..Not even sure if I should call it "rest". Anyway, we were at the medicine auditorium half of the day while the level 2 students practiced for today's Capping and Pinning Ceremony, right after which we stayed at the faculty..We were suppose to go to the wake of our professor's husband but just when we were about leave, they told us the service was already full..So there, we just decided to watch the Nursing Dance Troupe Concert on the same night..While waiting, one of my colleague approached me with a student.

Ma'am E: Ethel, Ethel, sali ka sa fashion show
Beng: ha? ano pong fashion show?
Ma'am E: para mamaya sa NDT Concert..cge na.....
Beng: mamaya?!? (nawindang bigla)
Ma'am E: oo!! cge na cge na...walang ibang makuha mga students e
Student: mam gusto nyo po?
Beng: (nataranta) ah, o cge...(hindi nag iisip)
Student: (looking grateful) talaga po?!? cge po, akyat na po kayo sa taas para sa make-up.
Beng: wait lang..anong susuot?
Student: all silver po na fitted..mini skirt....size po ni mam M.. (gosh, ma'am m is much much slimmer than me!!)
Beng: (nawindang lalo)...haaaa?!?!? OMG (but there's no turning back na....)

Pag-akyat sa 4th floor

Student 2: mam, eto po susuot nyo na wig...parang cap po sya pag sinuot nyo..(giving a "silver wig" made up of palara)
Beng: susuot ko talaga to?!?!?!
Student 2: opo mam, futuristic po kasi ang theme nyo
Beng: kelangan ba talagang isuot to?
Student 2: opo mam...(then may student uli)
Student 3: mam, eto na po yung costume...

To cut the story short...napasubo ako...cge rampa lang..waaaaaaahhhh!!!!
Buti na lang di pa ko kilala masyado, kala nila another student lang.

Another story: Akala ng ibang students, estudyante rin ako.

While going inside the dressing room with my costume on, one student asked me..

Student: uuuuy, nakita mo si Mia?!? (not sure about the name)
Beng: ano?
Student: nakita mo si Mia?!
Beng: ayyy, sori di ko kilala yun e....

At least, muka pala kong student..hehehehe

Here's ma'am borbo in gold, and me in silver...gosh!! I look like a psychedelic bee!

Just fixing my wig

and here's my eye make-up! but I chose to wear the sunglasses so no one will recognize me
There...this was November last year

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