Day Off!!!

Me and my friends had an orientation at Ospital ng Sampaloc for a week. So we're back in our old, immaculately white uniform. We go back to UST every lunch break since it's only 5 minutes away or even less without traffic. And that's the time we were able to try the latest craze in town!!! The SIMPLE LIFE MILK TEA, located at second floor carpark. We were intrigued, seeing students and professionals line til the corridors of the second floor and why these people keep coming back.

The three of us tried the Black Gulaman Black Milk Tea. Medium size is 45 PHP while large comes at 55 PHP.

See, I'm almost done!!! And I was thinking if this was melamine free..haha!
Anne's almost finished too!! Oh, if you're wondering what are the banana leaves for, we just tried BINALOT, also located at second floor, car park, UST.

Joyzen's trying to hide.

There's really nothing special about it at first sip. Just plain milk tea..But the aftertaste is intoxicating..Just like the Pringles' line, once you pop you can't stop. It's addicting!! For the rest of the days, we craved for it!! And now that I'm writing about it, I am now salivating.

We took photos of us since this maybe the last time we'll wear our white uniforms.

Oh and just to add some thoughts...We were laughing and very happy while we ate. And when we went home, I saw a familiar face. This guy, instead of saying hi or hello greeted me this way. "Ang pangit naman ng suot mo!!!" followed by, "Dumadami pimples mo ah, stressed ka?" Talk about kill joys!!!! I never imagined a guy talking to me that way! I ignored it though, but it keeps on hitting my head. What the hell was his problem? This was not the first time coz everytime I see him, (most of the time) I always get negative compliments. Just some ranting!!! I bet my systolic blood pressure is now 120. (My normal is 90) And I hope he'll read this one because I'm extremely pissed of!!!!!

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