Almost my Day--by Bryan

It was the morning of Saturday when we went to see the California science museum. Its main attraction is the exhibit they called “Body Worlds”, showing the detailed parts of the human body, and what I mean with “detailed” is really from the smallest arterioles in every inch of the different areas of the human body, to the tar stains of a smoker’s lung! Mind you, these are not your regular mannequins, these are real cadavers plastinated to different unbelievable positions, with real muscles, bones, arteries, organs and even the tumor of infected parts, almost everything was from real body parts.(Sorry guys no pictures were taken, wasn’t allowed!!! We tried though, but no can do, too many eyes guarding the exhibits!)

After seeing all those muscle fibers, we ate at McDonalds, ordering the Angus beef burger with mushroom and Swiss cheese. One thing I can say….the exhibit was quite an appetizer!!!

After enjoying a good meal from the most popular fast food chain, we went outside to the garden of roses, it was….BREATHTAKING!!!!Not that I’ve never seen a rose before, it’s the whole huge garden of roses that “Woooowwwed” me (not even sure if that’s a word)! There’s a huge fountain on the center of the garden with kids playing on the water and families gathered around, the sun was on its peak and not an inch of cloud on sight. Even the roses were at their best, being in the summer season. After being so impressed with the combination of the place weather and company, I said to myself, if Beng was here, the day would be perfect.

Roses has always been her favorite, then when we got home from the park, I messaged her saying, “Honey I know where to bring you first when you get here in California!!!

And here's mama striking a pose.

Here we are!! Papa, mama, B.J and ate michelle

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